• 0.6.10

released at 14/05/2019

Assets 6

ZecWallet now has Recurring Payments on testnet!

You can now setup regular, recurring payments and have ZecWallet automatically pay ZEC to any address at regular intervals. And of course, you can cancel any recurring payment at any time!

Recurring payments are in beta, so they only work on Zcash Testnet for now.

To get started,

  1. Enable the recurring payment checkbox. image

  2. Select the schedule to pay image

  3. Confirm the payment! image

Viewing Payments List the current recurring payments by going to Edit -> Recurring Payments image

View Payment History Click View to view the payment history image

If you miss a payment, ZecWallet will ask you what to do image

  • 0.6.8

released at 19/04/2019

Assets 6

This is a maintenance release of ZecWallet that fixes some bugs

  • Fix an issue with URI parsing on the desktop that was preventing some merchant URIs from being accepted
  • Fix an access violation caused by incorrect socket closure
  • Improve random password generation
  • 0.6.7

released at 06/04/2019

Assets 6

A minor release of ZecWallet fixes some bugs:

  • Fix an issue where sometimes Android would fail to connect to the desktop
  • Fix the name "ZecWallet" in the mobile UI
  • Force light mode on Mac since the dark mode still seems to be having problems
  • 0.6.4

released at 25/03/2019

Assets 6

ZecWallet now lets you request Zcash from your friends and family using shielded transactions.

How it works:

  1. Select File -> Request Zcash and enter the Sapling address of the person you are requesting Zcash from, along with the amount and an optional memo. image

(The payment request is sent to the person's sapling address as a memo)

  1. The person receives a payment request from you, that they can view on the transactions tab. image

  2. The person selects (right click) -> View Payment Request and clicks Pay to send you the payment, which you receive! image
  • 0.6.3

released at 20/03/2019

Assets 6

This version of ZecWallet features several improvements:

  • A new "Troubleshooting" dialog that can rescan/reindex the blockchain, fixing the most common wallet problems image
  • The deb (Linux), dmg (MacOS) and msi (Windows) installers automatically register ZecWallet as a zcash: URI handler, allowing you to open zcash: links in ZecWallet
  • Fix some sporadic crashes
  • Add warning notification for Sprout receiving addresses See notification
  • Force single instace of ZecWallet
  • Allow passing in zcash: payment URIs on the command line
  • 0.6.2

released at 14/03/2019

Assets 6

zec-qt-wallet is now ZecWallet, and includes a brand new logo (Thanks to Shawn from the Zcash Community!)

Note for Mac users:

You might need to delete the previous zec-qt-wallet App from your Applications folder manually, since the new app is called ZecWallet, and the upgrade process doesn't clean up the old app sometimes.

Other fixes:

  • Fixed a rare crash when the wallet was very large
  • New logo icons
  • 0.6.1
Assets 6

This version of zec-qt-wallet adds an experimental headless mode to zec-qt-wallet. Pass in --headless as a command line argument to get zec-qt-wallet to run without a UI.

Note that zec-qt-wallet will attempt to start embedded zcashd just as it normally would, even in headless mode. To get a sense of what zec-qt-wallet is doing while running headless, tail its log file: tail -f ~/.local/share/zec-qt-wallet-org/zec-qt-wallet/zec-qt-wallet.log

As always, if you run into issues, please file a bug report.

Other changes in this release

  • Fixed a slew of label bugs (Thanks @rex4539 !)
  • Thanks to our friends at Italian Zcash Community, Italian is now supported as a UI language